About Superday

Learning infrastructure for the internet

The first online course was offered by the Western Behavioural Sciences Institute in La Jolla, California in 1982 and since then we have seen a rapid growth in online learning.


Online learners have grown from a few hundred to billions of people. But while online learning has been highly transformative.

There are still a lot of work to do. The average online course completion rate is still around 10%.


This is a problem that we have set out to solve.

Superday is a product of three years of testing different online learning formats with a focus on Tech Courses.

We launched self paced and cohort courses and tried different accountability formats to help people complete these courses

We also did one on one Interviews with hundreds of people who have either taken or never taken an online course to discover their greatest obstacles.

We have discovered that there are three core reasons why people struggle with online courses.

Lack of proper pre-learning orientation
Lack of a learning path and accountability
No clear post-learning path

The summary of this is that the learning content was brought online, but most of the systems that made offline learning effective weren’t.

We designed solutions to these three problems and tested it on a small scale and it was effective, now we are going on a journey to scale the solution for learners everywhere with software.

We are going to be building solutions from both a learner and tutor point of view with these two main vehicles.


Superday App: Currently in private beta , our goal is to build the ultimate accountability App for online learning.


Superday Studio: this will power research and development for some of the most complete online learning programs. Superday Studios will help online schools design learning programs that help online learners surmount their greatest problems.


Learning Solutions For All

At Superday, we believe that everyone has a right to learn online in a progressive way. That is why we would be opening up our solution to all online leaners. So whether you would be taking a course on Udemy or from your favourite Tech Influencer, we have you covered.

Onboard Your Favourite Course

We are creating a catalogue of tech skills/courses for our public beta. Fill the form below and follow us on Twitter(Notifications On) to get updates.